today (September 16th), tiger sniffing exclusive news confirmed the domestic maternal honey bud of cross-border electricity supplier companies completed D $150 million round of financing, the current round of financing led by Baidu (the total amount of about 70%), Sequoia Capital, HCapital round investors to continue with the vote, after the completion of the current round of financing, honey bud valuation of nearly 1 billion dollars.

officially announced the completion of financing two days ago, honey bud CFO Sun Wei accepted a tiger sniffing interview. This is also the first time he joined the media after the interview, and this low-key CFO is the honey bud every round of financing promoters and corporate strategy makers. Prior to joining Sun Wei in 2014, he worked at Deutsche Bank in Hongkong.

companies, the amount of false exaggerated financing has been very common. Recently, because of the amount of money is exaggerated because of hunger questioned. In order to prove himself not exaggerated and lied about the amount of financing, in the afternoon of the conference, the honey bud to the media drying out of the current round of $150 million financing bank bill.

why accept Baidu investment Sun Wei told tiger sniffing, in addition to money, honey bud Baidu traffic resources. The two sides had already found cooperation in the search, the user needs to use a search not only a commodity, but also a solution. He pointed out that Baidu does not want to do the future of a flow of traffickers, hoping to GMV, and vertical electricity supplier strategic cooperation can do more in-depth exploration.

honey bud strategy formulation of the two dimensions, creating a parent-child tour…

honey bud predecessor "Honey bud baby", officially launched in February 2014, a Taobao store from mother to child. In 2014 completed two rounds of financing totaling $80 million, to the third round of financing, basically every time the financing of the node control in about 6 months.

"every sum of money in place, basically serve the strategic planning at the stage". Sun Wei said, each financing is also a strategic adjustment, our strategy is based on domestic and foreign supply chain upstream and downstream products and services, made a middle-class family for the consumer group of vertical electricity supplier."

that is, after the completion of the $150 million financing honey bud is cross-border, maternal and child outside the territory of the supply chain, the extension of the commodity around the female long tail.

why this adjustment, Sun Wei told tiger sniffing, honey bud strategy formulation has two dimensions: first, around the maternal and child supply chain to do upstream and downstream, including maternal and child service supply chain. Second, based on the whole life cycle of maternal and child users to expand.

he thought China 2 trillion maternal and child market is large enough, and the maternal supply chain is long enough, so in commodities, honey bud to expand from the milk, diapers and other standard products to Home Furnishing, clothing, food and other non-standard products. It is worth noting that Sun Wei first revealed the honey bud cut to the maternal and child services, plan related project available at the end of this year or the first quarter of 2015, for example.

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