[1] small defeat thousands of night tourism collapse: lost in the early  

equity allocation;

at the beginning of September, was found to have thousands of night tourism website business full stop. Thousands of night tourism also has issued a notice, said from the beginning of September 1st, thousands of night tourism membership center, call center, ticket refund rescheduled to stop operations, stop accepting related business.

May 30, 2013, thousands of night travel and Zhongguancun industrial investment signed an agreement to get 10 million investment, valuation of up to 50 million. But why only a year after the emergence of the team disbanded, business stopped


in fact, the founding team of thousands of night tourism is very good: three founder, former director of Google Di Shuo, Cao Yu served as Microsoft, Baidu and other designers, is the domestic UI/UE design industry veteran design experts, Feng Yu is the senior project management experts working in the Association for 10 years, has many years of investment and project analysis management experience. Look at the direction, from C2B reverse customization mode to B2B plus financial platform, according to Feng Yu, said the company has been in the dissolution of revenue, the book is still about 1000000.

2: the Kara community electricity supplier made big business  

from 2005 to head into the third party payment industry, Kara had been guarding the line, solve the user payment and credit card payments and other payments. But from the beginning of the second half of 2013, the electricity supplier community has become a new business kara.

for Kara is promoting the community business, Lacarra chairman and President Sun Taoran did not conceal his excitement. The continuous entrepreneurial veterans even said, community electricity supplier is now the most exciting business".

involved in community electricity supplier

Li in the vicinity of Beijing Huilongguan district runs a small shop, in the same community due to a lot of shops, business has been barely.

in October this year, he set up a shop in the Kara shop treasure, but he did not expect that the business began to get better, a lot of people not only in the beginning of his consumer credit card here, charge mobile phone, pay utilities, some time will be queuing up to buy the shop treasure in the offer commodity.

3 Analysis: how to play the real micro quotient?  

micro business, this new term, it is controversial, those who oppose it, say it is dying, it support people say it is to subvert the traditional electricity supplier, in the end how derivative, author of marketing and micro business from their own understanding, explain what’s going on under micro business well, let users enjoy the micro business is how to do.

said that the micro business to mention direct marketing.

direct marketing, that is, direct response marketing, it is based on profitability, through personalized communication media

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