in 1995, Opera released its first browser, after twenty years, it has been innovative, such as adding to its browser built-in advertising interception and built-in VPN functions. Today, the company has launched a new product, a concept browser called Neon.

Opera Neon each function is to achieve the reality of the Opera browser and developed." The company announced the launch of Neon in Thursday’s blog post.

Neon is a very interesting and novel browser. The browser start page will be consistent with the desktop background of the computer, so that the browser’s starting page looks like a transparent. Nero Opera flagship browser for quick access to the function of the re design, when you open the Neon, you first see the floating bubble, these bubble objects are actually a shortcut link to popular web pages. The other bubble represents the label, which replaces the conventional label and forms a vertical bar on the right side of the screen.

There are several shortcuts on the left side of the

screen. Mini video players use a quick screen, you can select the video from the label, even if the video is not open, you can also play. The browser also provides a double pane view, the two tabs can be displayed on the same screen.


Neon uses the latest development of the physical engine, so that labels and other objects can truly respond. Similar to Google’s "Material design", the Neon tag can move naturally when it is towed.

, however, some of the main features of Opera, such as built-in ad blocker, VPN and extensions, are temporarily not added to the Neon.

Neon is an experimental browser, does not replace the original Opera browser. Nonetheless, the company plans to incorporate some of the best new features of Neon into the Opera browser this spring.

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