· in 2008, the students how to do?

blink of an eye, 2008 came. He became a webmaster has been almost 1 years in the past, just contact do stand, for a top-level domain and sorrow, for a free space around the application for dozens of IP, and now finally a tread on air, the station, the monthly income just enough living expenses


· what can be done in the Admin5 forum?

1 to publicize their site. To pull more traffic to your site. So many people here every day to keep abreast of apt.. At the same time also can sell advertising for themselves. But this advertising and free almost oh.

2 for your site to find Links. Link website development cannot do without publicity. Because a lot of people to develop their own website in early time. Not too much money or do not want to enlarge much money. So exchange Links. Do a reverse link free seems to effect. Of course. Many.PR also links up…

· Xiamen network company domain renewal fraud inside

the telephone rang soon, fax it over, is a so-called "official" domain renewal notice, which is also the name of the international Internet Network Information Center is responsible for the maintenance of certification Chinese domain name registration management and operation under the banner of Xiamen?? network science and technology limited company is the service agencies, certification registration renewal service.

· Poison: understand the effect of the future of the network marketing skills earned

www.pv.com.cn PV marketing alliance, the new project is Hangzhou ete network technology limited company, some old products easy: easy advertising alliance, special joint report believe that people are very familiar with. Expo-plast had paid attention to the rapid development of electronic commerce in China market, so based on the existing network advertising products on the introduction of the PV marketing alliance, hoping to break through the existing traditional alliance mode, and the development of

in Chinese network marketing industry

· domain name security tactics innoven Chinese launched a free mobile phone binding function

as a domain name investors, in addition to the domain name price, the domain name security is also one of the important indicators of domain name registration. Domain name investors, the domain name is their property, because the domain name is equivalent to a certain amount of money. The Registrar must provide safe and reliable technical means and processes to ensure the security of the domain name. At present, the common protective measures are the following:

· Ma Huateng: Tencent makes mistakes a lot more than YouTube

in the fall of 2005, Ma Huateng received an email from the other side of the ocean. The sender is his colleagues, have long been stationed in the United States Tencent senior executive vice president of international business network. In this email, network >

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