1999, Ma led the other 17 people founded the Alibaba group, Ali has now become the largest e-commerce ecosystem to build business, more than and 70 offices, a total of more than 20400 employees. From Ali venture away a lot of people, including Sun Tongyu, Li Zhiguo, June, Feng Dahui, white crow, most of them is the founder of the well-known website, the official domain name choice is very sophisticated, preference Pinyin domain name, the thick smell of ali".

Sun Tongyu: founder of box world

Sun Tongyu is the founder and founder of taobao.com, the media said after the departure of Sun Tongyu, Ali did not appear again the real "2" characters. Sun Tongyu in 2008 after leaving the post of president of Taobao, went to London Business School, such as dressing, learning, in the same year in May, Sun Tongyu investment in education software, thinking of the. In early 2009, Sun Tongyu returned home to do the children’s virtual community – box, box world (hezi.com) is focused on the development of children’s thinking experience interactive network platform.

Wu Jiong: Phoenix Investment Co., Ltd. founded

CTO and Chinese group Alibaba YAHOO CTO Wu Jiong, founded the Phoenix Investment Co. Ltd., Hangzhou Kadang Gift Company Limited (i.e. kangdang kadang.com) investors. Leave Alibaba, Wu Jiong investment projects including Hanting Hotel (now renamed the China Hotel, the official domain name for huazhu.com), cool music (kuwo.cn), jumei.com (jumei.com), the price of the network (fangjia.com), happy net (kaixin001.com), which can be found using the above website mostly Shuangpin. But the happy net for Miss Pinyin domain name, and Thousand Oaks under the happy net (kaixin.com) is a persistent infringement lawsuit, was known as the "genuine happy net".

Li Zhiguo: founder of the word of mouth network was acquired Ali

Li Zhiguo served as product manager in Alibaba, led the development of the integrity of the product. Li Zhiguo left office in 2004, founded the local life search site "word-of-mouth network", in 2006 the site was the acquisition of Alibaba, in 2010, Li Zhiguo again from the Alibaba turnover, choice of investors, the project focused on the mobile Internet, e-commerce and SNS TMT areas, such as digging money (wacai.com) (lianpu.com), Facebook, a net (petals huaban.com) etc.. 2012, "word of mouth" Pinyin domain name koubei.com.cn for overdue renewals, bidding in Chinese trading platform "auction, the final 91500 yuan price.

Wu Zhixiang: founder of the same way network acquisition domain name LY.com


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