February 22nd news, the domestic well-known Internet Co for micro-blog founder Lai Linfeng said the news that SkyDrive’s 115 will be upgraded to the cloud storage platform to open personal network centric applications, and discloses a screenshot page version of SkyDrive in micro-blog.

Lai Linfeng said that through the 115 SkyDrive can edit the document, sharing resources, online chat, surfing the Internet, playing games, listening to music, watching video and other online applications, to create an open platform cloud storage let the work, life and entertainment more convenient is the ultimate goal of SkyDrive 115. However, SkyDrive launched a new version of the time, Lai Lin Feng has not been revealed, I hope not too long.

through the new version of SkyDrive’s page screenshots can be seen, the 115 cloud storage open platform similar to the Tencent recently launched WebQQ 2 products, to form the desktop integration network storage, IM, browser, search, site navigation, toolbox, favorites ylmf’s numerous network products, and will also allow users to add and share third party application.

it is understood that SkyDrive offers free 3G 115 permanent storage space and 5G temporary space for the user, after years of development, has developed into the top of the free SkyDrive service provider, has reached millions of users. In addition, ylmf also developed 115 SkyDrive client (excellent egg) with egg, the user can upload, http file resources and can easily manage the SkyDrive file.

open platform has become a major trend in recent years many domestic Internet companies, such as Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Shanda, Jinshan and other well-known network enterprises began to build their own platform system, try to open platform strategy, strategic transformation or seek business breakthrough. The current domestic free network storage industry competition, products and services are identical, the last launch of the 115 cloud storage open platform will undoubtedly bring some rare highlight to the network storage industry, how specific products, let us wait and see.

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