Chinese brand discount site ( on November 8th announced the completion of the first round of financing, access to DCM and Sequoia Capital $20 million venture capital. It is understood that the only product Club financing will be mainly used for corporate marketing and infrastructure construction. site on 2008 formally launched to 3~7 fold the price of brand-name clothing, cosmetics, fashion accessories to provide limited time to buy, Limited buying service in China has more than 1 million 500 thousand members. in the service model from the United States well-known luxury e-commerce website Gilt. brand manufacturers, directly in the line of procurement agency, or the middle part of the agents, to avoid a class agent of layers increases, so it can ensure to bring its members is the most affordable price.

reported in June 23rd, according to the investment community, sonhwa capital investment director Zhang Chunhui said, capital sonhwa has officially invested in famous fashion sale group purchase website (only in the network, which is Jiapin) pine bluegrass capital number of angel investment. According to media reports, after has been an angel investment in Taishan.

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