double eleven war has just ended, the contest between the electricity supplier will also end, but the competition is still under the shadow of the fact that Tmall is the biggest winner. As a product of the new era, online education institutions are also involved in the shopping festival, the major educational institutions also want to rub a rub hot spots, open their own course sales.


it is understood that the 2016 "double eleven" online education institutions are no longer as in the past to guide, the platform have resorted Shazhao, "low price" of "discount" "full rebate and other tricks to emerge in an endless stream in marketing, more rich and colorful, let the Internet education marketing model more ornamental, but this only online education marketing" in mice".

internet education market profit point

since 2013, but popular online education ended at the end of 2015, two years let many people see the development of online education. More and more people are willing to accept high quality knowledge into homes. When the capital market began to put a lot of money into the market, the Internet has encountered a major bottleneck – profit.

is the traditional mode of education is the first profit point of one to one or one to many mode of education and online education market in 2015 has reached the scale of 119 billion 200 million, K12 education as the most important driver of growth, still can not escape the market profit barrier. According to the data analysis, there are 70% of K12 education companies in a loss state, can profit only 5%. Which in June, bleeding listed 51talk, for example, from 2013 to date, although the annual Q1 quarter is in steady growth, but the gap is also growing losses, losses in the first quarter of 99 million 300 thousand yuan in 2016.


now, 2B and 2C is still the mainstream mode of the industry, New Oriental and good future as a big brother in the industry or 2C mode of profit. Data statistics, in 2015 the financing of online educational institutions 38, from January 2016 to August, only 125. Decline in the profitability of online education also let the capital market close hand, which makes the online education market a little unprepared, began to study the new profit point, expect the capital market to pick up.

technology to promote online education

although the capital market freeze, but did not stop the pace of development of the industry, but to promote the rapid development of the various educational institutions. "Live + education" mode of online education may be the outlet, and the maturity of VR technology, has gradually penetrated the online education, a new turning point may therefore arise, of course, can not say for sure that it will change the development of online education, but there must be a push.


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