over the past year, the number of sites infected by rogue / malware has grown from several to several thousand per week per week. In our previous post on "malware warnings" and "stop malware discussion group", we heard some of your suggestions, that is, to improve our communication with the infected site webmaster. Now, our webmaster tools can re evaluate malware infected sites.

through our search results plus " malicious software "tag, or in the webmaster tools in a summary of your site, you may find your site infected with malicious software. We have now simplified the review process to make Google remove the malicious software " on your site; Tags:

1 in the webmaster tools take a look at your malware infected samples of URL.

2 make the necessary changes to your site according to the StopBadware.org security tips.

3 new approach: the use of webmaster tools require Google to re evaluate your site. We will check your website and there is no malware.

4 new approach: you can check the status of our re evaluation.

if we feel your site is still harmful, we will provide you with the latest list of dangerous URL.

if we make sure your site is already in place, you can expect us to quickly (usually within 24 hours) clear information about malware on your site.

we encourage all webmasters to familiarize themselves with Stopbadware malware prevention tips. If you have any other questions, please read our documents or post them on the discussion group. We want you to think that this new feature in the webmaster tool is useful, especially for finding and correcting any problems associated with malware. We also thank you for your efforts to understand and prevent malware.

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