, who has been exposed to the founder of the potato network, Wang Wei, has the impression that the habit of lying on a chair with two thin, long legs resting on the table is low-key and proud. It is undeniable that, regardless of which factors from the point of view, the potato network are the most domestic video sites have a star temperament: it is the first domestic video sites, the current registered users will have a breakthrough 10 million.

is a tudou.com in the financing of the most successful video website in 2007, when the domestic video website is a collective stand at a crossroads, potatoes announced that it has obtained the third round of financing of $20 million, which is the domestic Web2.0 website ever got one of the highest amount of investment.

since April 2006 the first round of financing, including capital today, GeneralCatalystPartners, GGV, JAFCO Asia and IDG, South Korea KTB, Asian venture capital tycoons, seems to be to send money to potatoes".

over the past two years, the development of the potato network is a thread of context: always seize and adhere to the video sharing site model of the most valuable nature, that is, a grassroots theater of the media, the goal of positioning. If this is the potato team proud, so now they are facing a very difficult practical problem: how to make more than two years in the context of China potato model and brand advantage of the formed turning up.

and this one, clear and stable income is the most important lubricant. In fact, since the beginning of October 2006, the largest investment in Tudou network is here." October 9th, Wang Wei revealed in an interview.

must adhere to media positioning

in 2005, there was a podcast in the world, but 6 months later, China also has a podcast. In April 15, 2005, tudou.com began beta.

"Chinesefindingtheirvoice." In October of the same year, < New York Times > columnist ThomasL. Friedman saw a potato in China after screaming that he had swept China’s future.

similar applications reduced the audio and video release threshold, make voice and video enthusiasts out of enjoyment." Wang Wei said: "the audience is no longer a passive recipient of media content, they are the choice, but also the active participants and creators."

"they have such as technical barriers, trade barriers and other excessive cost control, resulting in a lot of valuable content did not have the opportunity to release, and the fact that the content is not controllable," Wang Wei said: "the traditional media have come to rely on the authority such as editing will, but these may not be able to attract the public." And Wang Wei’s value judgment also determines the positioning of the potato network.

Wang Wei decided that the focus of the first phase of the potato network is the flow

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