for the promotion of network extrapolation is a topic of endless talk. Whether it is all walks of life, now under the influence of the network are inseparable from the network promotion. But the network is not the information you extrapolation will be able to harvest the effect of such a simple thing, so to work full-time in the network extrapolation promotion specialist who, in addition to basic daily work to continue to release updates, also timely to track the external pushing effect, so as to find out the most suitable promotion channels from. Therefore, it is very important to choose a handy tool to track the extrapolation effect.

at the moment, the market is a variety of promotional tools to emerge in an endless stream, to facilitate the promotion of the increase in the difficulty of their choice. So how can we pick out a remarkable effect of the track extrapolation tool for this, with many years of experience in marketing professor Zhang pointed out the direction for us.

according to Professor Zhang’s recommendation, we understand that the current market on a cloud of claw network marketing network extrapolation tool management system analysis is generally recognized by industry experts, the industry utilization rate and the high degree of concern, promote the love deeply. It is understood that the cloud claw analysis of network marketing management system is the industry leader at Shanghai science and technology development in the Enterprise Automation Co. Ltd. a cloud intelligent software system, products on-line in 2014, millions of users have accumulated. Cloud claw analysis of network marketing management system to Internet through science and technology, cloud capture, cloud analysis, cloud storage, cloud statistics, strong function extrapolation precise tracking effect, is a tool for tracking extrapolation has the advantages of simple operation, accurate result.

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