these days a lot of friends on the QQ consultation: how should travel site promotion, can have the greatest effect! Because popular tourism forum now, tube very strict, as long as a little bit with a link to the post, will be deleted. Simply can not reach the effect of publicity. The forum based on past experience, for everyone to talk about how to promote the tourism forum, only more effective!

here to analyze some of the current peer model:

1 to travel Raiders as the main starting point, the latest Raiders Daquan, which attract tourists, to receive customer e-mail address. This method is not good: visitors e-mail addresses to share, not unique)

2 personal experience, take the form of a ask yourself, slowly to attract tourists to come in, and then in the post process of follow-up, leads to the propaganda site.

3 to the identity of the experts, all day long bubble in the forum, to take the form of tourism answer questions to answer questions, to achieve the desired results (similar to celebrity effect, to help visitors solve the problem).

combat start:

1 is the first to prepare for the current top twenty tourism related forums.

2 to find out what the current peer in the forum where the most, we can choose some of the selection is not so much and most of the target site.

3 for what? How to make the pursuit of attraction, originality, authenticity? Take the most practical QQ interview form, every transaction guests must take the form of QQ interview, consulting to the guest the play of so ah, we have what place need major (! Of course, the content of the interview by oneself to set up interviews), then the content sent to the forum. In order to achieve authenticity. (this effect is better than the above experience)

4 when the above steps are completed, the next step is how to paste the top. The trick is to stick to the nature of the top. (usually in the fourth floor or floor of the corresponding address, so that effectively avoid the theme with links, and can really help the guests.)

5 in the forum, to act as a wise man, prepare for the one hundred most popular problems, stick out, ask the answer. Attract guests. (specialization)

tips: Forum promotion do not worry, to learn to answer the question of the heart.


twenty hot forum you must keep the relevant column page will have two posts on your site information! I don’t care how much the number of posts, the number of local hair, while the post quality is particularly important, why? Because the hair, but overall not much traffic, we post. The key is to let more people see large numbers, promote your site in disguise. So the pursuit of the final flow. The >

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