the best electricity supplier in China, which is absolutely beyond doubt, and in 2016 the electricity supplier, but it is questionable whether it is worthy of love. Chinese online retail in the past 6 years, has made great contribution to Ali, Jingdong and other giants as the representative of the business enterprise, consumer habits, commercial facilities (payment and logistics), improve the retail platform specification and a series of achievements in the Chinese retail history painting of the bright one. It can be said that online retail China achieved a great historical achievement, to complete the great historical mission, has accumulated profound let the world match. However, the huge halo, but also hidden a huge crisis: traffic more and more expensive, increasing marketing costs; strong, weak constant weak; the survival of small enterprises has been suppressed, as if only the entire electricity supplier giant game.

set of potential Lanting Pavilion founder Guo Quji said, "the Internet every 3 years in the event of a major iteration, when the old company continues to complete their mission to leave no stone unturned at the same time, the new company along the vertical direction and dimensions completely detonated a new mission, opened up a new world". Times are changing, the extensive theory of the only flow gradually fade out of view, electricity providers into the deep water.

China’s retail needs of new species, new rules, new electricity supplier. A chess game online to break up, goods, sales, warehousing, distribution, including future financial and technical data, we need to open up. The future of retail, more rich and colorful, but not all-powerful, overwhelming trend, it is a silent, in more detail, more industrial form to infiltrate and complete the entire retail iteration. This is a change from coarse to fine, from big to hard.

The new

environment, the formation of a new species is the survival of the fittest in natural selection, inevitable. For the electricity supplier, which includes the new eco new business model and the traditional Internet and the Internet after the combination of the new species. "New species", will derive new rules of survival, which is consistent with the "survival of the fittest in natural selection, survival of the fittest" theory. New electricity supplier in the context of the birth and birth. On December 2016 19-21, Guangzhou, e-bon future retail conference, is looking for innovative retail enterprises and innovative ideas, content, business model. This is the home of the new species. Here is no longer the giants of the world, international retailers, foreign brands will continue to emerge, the cross-border electricity supplier war. In the vertical market segments fresh, mother, home, wine to form a new force to create traffic value depressions. Social retail, rural markets, community retail, Internet banking, warehousing and logistics, electricity supplier technology, talent trading and other retail sectors of the new enterprise is growing. New species to seek new rules around the application of technology, content marketing, user research, brand evolution, technology applications, such as the new retail arms retailers will be thinking, to promote future retail.

for the electricity supplier, 2016 seems to have become a key node in the moment, the big giant >

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