2008, Microsoft had the highest bid $47 billion 500 million acquisition of YAHOO, but was rejected by YAHOO founder Yang Zhiyuan and the board of directors. At that time, Microsoft Corp agreed to raise the purchase price from $31 to $33 per share, but Yahoo Corp has insisted that each share shall not be less than $37. Microsoft just said that after careful consideration, based on the maximum protection of the interests of shareholders, employees and other stakeholders Microsoft, Microsoft to abandon the acquisition of YAHOO’s decision. At that time, Microsoft has been appointed CEO Ballmer even at an internal meeting made it clear that I am very clear how much money YAHOO, I will not add a penny."

at that time, although Microsoft has laid its own advantages in the field of software manufacturing and hardware manufacturing industry, but in terms of operating the Internet market is still very weak. According to relevant statistical data, Microsoft’s Web services business revenue in 2007 was only $2 billion 800 million, a net loss of $949 million; in the search field is more vulnerable, even if the market share has increased slightly, but with YAHOO is still a long distance, more than the valley alone with the shoulder, two different.

case, Microsoft was aware of these problems in the next bottleneck in the development of the Internet to make. The acquisition of YAHOO, the functions and the market share of the complementary advantage is the most cost-effective and efficient way to market, only go hand in hand in software and hardware, network services in three aspects, the perfect fusion in order to avoid the "barrel effect" and drag. At that time, YAHOO has invested in a number of by Asian companies, including YAHOO, Japan Chinese Alibaba in Asia to seize the opportunities, the acquisition of YAHOO has no intention to develop the Asian market share will bring unexpected and unique advantage for Microsoft, it Yijuduode, attractive self-evident.

from YAHOO’s point of view, more resistance to the acquisition strategy seems to come from a kind of involuntary, and then led to the problem behind the quote is not worth". After Microsoft announced the acquisition of YAHOO to give up the decision, it is widely believed that the YAHOO founder Yang Zhiyuan ever made the most regrettable thing, but in fact Yang Zhiyuan did not response to the outside world and show "lost voices". In a statement issued by the official YAHOO on the matter, which also said that in order to safeguard the interests of all aspects, we always maintain the habit of making the right decisions. Yang Zhiyuan himself also said that for the past three months, our team has taken the road, I am very proud that we will be able to work on the implementation of the most important transformation in our history.

, Microsoft and YAHOO in the last minute because of "money" no hand success may make a lot of used to see the "happy ending" the outsider is sorry, but in terms of Microsoft, some of the senior hold different views, even the opposite view. On the 19 day of this month, Microsoft CEO Ballmer even hinted at a summit, did not buy YAHOO is a lucky thing. This makes visible market gains in the acquisition of Microsoft always brood on.

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