years, the major electricity supplier platform to promote the year to promote the day has arrived. The new Jingdong, the upcoming Tmall (Alibaba), and strive to three electricity providers of, have shown their eighteen weapons, for a time, a promotion battle triggered at any moment. Arguably, the business platform of the price of scrimmage once opened, consumers can from boon". But what is the real situation, only the most poignant consumers.

Compared to

exaggerated and impetuous electricity supplier promotions, cloud hosting field promotion is much more calm and more real. "Geek" network reporter recently from Tianyi official was informed that the company’s cloud host in the promotional season will be fully open in June 12th, will be announced "how much to buy, how much to send" theme activities, the real benefit of the masses of old and new customers. The specific activity is? Please follow the small series to see it.

buy how much to send: the real price drop of 1/3

"geeknet" reporter learned that, Tianyi cloud will be the theme for you dare to buy, I’ll send it, how much to buy, how much to send ", from June 12th to June 30th, the purchase of new users and renew the amount of service, Tianyi cloud sent equivalent coupons, specific activity rules are as follows:

1, customers full cash order / renew any specification of cloud hosting for 1-12 months, you can get the same coupon value years 1;

2 years, the coupon is only limited to the purchase of new / renewal specifications in the user account under any cloud host, each use coupons shall not be higher than the total pay half of the total amount of orders;

3 years,

coupon is valid until June 30th, to participate in the activities of the host principle not unsubscribe.

under this rule, what is the specific discount rate? Please follow Xiaobian to count an account: if you want to buy 9 months of service, the first step, can buy 3 months, you can get the equivalent coupon for 3 months; the second step, to buy 6 months of service at this time, only need to pay 3 months of expenses, the remaining 3 months use coupons offset. Conversion down, you spend 6 months of money to buy the service for 9 months, the equivalent of a 1/3 discount.

see here the user may ask, why not just the price of 1/3, but to use this "obscure" manner in price? This small guess, Tianyi cloud at the beginning of May the new price system has been fully lowered the price, the new price has basically bottomed in the domestic cloud hosting market, may be down again will let other cloud host manufacturers to survive; moreover, if therefore lead to other manufacturers to follow up, malicious shoddy fudge users, so the market will be very unfavorable. These, for the determination of China’s cloud hosting market leader Tianyi cloud, is not willing to see.

small and medium enterprises Gospel: cabbage price cloud host step by step

in June this time point, but also Tianyi cloud Internet portal >

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