now in the age of economic development, people are more understanding of logistics for the last step, the relationship with the basic necessities of life of modern people living in an industry is also in constant development. The logistics industry has a broad market application basis in the society, all have their own role in every industry and field, so improve its work efficiency and improve the management methods, to solve practical problems, the practical application and improvement of the investment environment are in urgent demand.

things from generation to now development also has a history of more than ten years of development, with the continuous improvement of technology, industry chain gradually mature, and the national government attention to the networking industry and support the continuous improvement of the Internet of things, has been gradually moving towards the stage of application. With the wide development of the Internet, the Internet of things in various fields of application is also very concerned about, the most important thing is to use some of the more frequent use of daily necessities. The logistics industry is an important field of networking applications, through the investigation and Study on current situation of the logistics industry, combined with the existing logistics industry networking application, can roughly know the development of things to say goodbye is bright.

in the use of the Internet now so prosperous era, for the Internet of things is a very favorable situation, but in the actual development, the development of the Internet of things is still facing some external resistance, the resistance is mainly from the policy pressure, the industry standard is not unified, the cost of consumption is too high, on the security of information, defect and so on several aspects, is an important factor affecting the development of the Internet of things, the following Xiaobian for everyone to talk about the detailed aspects of this:

a, policy pressure

in some places on the Internet that support or stay in some paper, appear some "small talk" in financial support is not enough, but also in the Internet of things is the protection of property rights is still not strong enough, not a good guide for social networking the formation of knowledge to encourage and encourage innovative atmosphere.

two, the industry is not standardized

network application is a multi device, multi network, mutual network interconnection in a large network, some related interface and protocol are required to have a standard to guide, this will give the entire networking operators to bring a stable situation. At present, China has not yet formed a unified standard of networking technology, which has become a major obstacle to the development of the Internet of things.

three, the cost is too high

now in the Internet of things on the operation cost is too high, in the actual operation process is very hard to have great development, such as in every cost to achieve long-distance scanning tag will be 8 yuan RMB advantage even more, the low profit of the logistics industry is simply embarrassing burden, so reduce the operation the cost has become a networking operation >

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