December 26, 2008, CCTV and other well-known media issued a press, the effect is under the financial crisis and the downturn in the background of Japan’s domestic consumption in Japan, hundreds of large retailers and manufacturers will join China UnionPay offering online mall in china. This is called "Bai Yijie" mall is expected to be opened on the eve of the Spring Festival in January 09, will be available through the Internet directly provide Japanese goods to consumers China 20000.

as a large upcoming website, "Bai Yijie" network is undoubtedly the focus of attention. A careful soon found media disclosure of "Bai Yijie" web site is wrong, and hundreds of domestic media reproduced the wrong information.

error message in a hurry the initiator of evil disclosure of the online mall site for "", the reporter found that "" is a price of $85000 has not yet sold. As "Bai Yijie" will cause attention of the network, web site should be registered in advance. Thus, made a detailed and critical error, then there are hundreds of media outlets for the mistake, "Bai Yijie" has not come forward to clarify the organizers, is bound to be a part of netizens are misleading.

error information derived from another wrong version in the forwarding process, the media including CCTV, is involved, namely "Bai Yijie." became "", the reporter again verified, found that this is a real copycat version, all of this site is Chinese, Japanese companies and owners not set up the website registration time is December 25, 2008, coincidence.

reporter then noticed the foreign media news reports and English edition, Hongkong Ming Pao, "Bai Yijie" online shopping site "", "SBI VeriTrans is verifying its owner, a Japanese Internet financial service providers, the registration date of November 11, 2008, the reporter judgment, this is the genuine goods at a fair price.

through the above observation is not difficult to find, Japan hundreds of companies offering online mall in China, speculation about its network address all around the "Buy" and "J", the reporter further analysis in order to get more information.

First look at the

online shopping mall Chinese name "Bai Yijie", the name of the source must be from the home, but at least can make nothing of it is authentic, pronunciation is correct, there is evidence for CCTV news. Hongkong Ming Pao in the description of its Web site "" is a literal translation Chinese name "store street", rather than "Bai Yijie" read the easy to read, look at geely.

analysis and word "Bai Yijie", "Bai" means "general merchandise, 100 Japanese companies", pronunciation can take "Buy", containing English "shopping", and Chinese, pronunciation is also very good. Or adapt to the habits of Chinese netizens

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