with the rise of the network and people’s understanding and understanding of the network, online shopping has gradually become a fashion trend, especially by young people sought after. Therefore, the network market has gradually formed two camps, one is a comprehensive product trading network to taobao.com and eBay as representatives of the two is to excellence, newsletter (www.buy007.com) as the representative of the professional product trading network.

, however, because the network market of consumers online shopping cheated dragons and fishes jumbled together, things happen frequently, so regular, have the strength and reputation of the electronic trading website will become the online shopping population confidence in security. So, how to attract consumers shopping sites, and gradually into the strength of the shopping network? With this question, the author interviewed aoxun Sports City sports marketing platform responsible person.

shopping sites need to protect product quality

is known to all, shopping sites are selling products. Because of the difference between online shopping and shopping in the store shopping, consumers are skeptical about the quality of online shopping products. In this regard, this person in charge: "good product is fundamental to the survival of the shopping website. The newsletter for example, because we belong to the professional category of shopping sites, products are world famous sporting goods, so we pay great attention to the control of product quality, we purchase way is to cooperate with the store ship, to ensure that all goods sold are genuine, at the same time, we in the customer delivery, by the specialized personnel check single goods quality, in order to ensure that the final products to customers without any problems. To this end, we have reason to believe that our approach can dispel consumer concerns, and get their recognition."

product price guarantee absolute low

for shopping sites, product quality is the foundation, and the product price is the advantage of shopping sites." The person responsible for the effect of consumer online shopping with important factors. He explained: "there are more and more young people choose to purchase products through online shopping, more important is that the price is lower than the store. In this, we all discount sales of new products shelves, and the discount is unmatched by other peers, because we go is affordable sales line, to meet the psychological needs of consumers prevail. Because of this price advantage, we have received 300 orders a day sales records. At the same time, we have 52% off sales of some products, even if the price in the store sale is unlikely."

pre-sales, after-sales service consistent

famous home appliance brand Haier allows Chinese consumers to enjoy the charm of the service, which has become a magic weapon for the development of Haier. For shopping sites, also need to serve to win the market. To this end, the author also personally experience a newsletter service. On the landing etion network, will find an obvious "online customer service", which details the shopping process.

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