sina science and technology news Beijing time on December 14th afternoon news, in the Chinese entrepreneurs annual meeting Ali COO Zhang Yong conducted a keynote speech on the future of the two coordinates. The main content involves two points, the first point of the consumer connection changes, with the Internet can cover a lot of people, the Internet has a rapid spread of the effect, will bring changes in the connection. The second point is that the impact of the Internet on the whole business is essentially a change in the supply chain organization.

statement reads as follows:

distinguished guests, good morning, everyone, I am very pleased to participate in the annual meeting of Chinese entrepreneurs, this is a very long history of activities. Today, I came here, just to talk about young entrepreneurs, my heart a vibration, in fact, not young.

talked about young people, my topic from here, we do a lot of time the market team a meeting, I said the last time after 90 stood up, stand up, please stand up after 85, stand up a few. Although the development of Alibaba in the past 15 years, the development is very fast, but we do today in the industry, I have to face the market with a young heart and innovative attitude to do. I often say that I should be 70 in the company, the company has been very old. We see more after 85, 90 to take responsibility. Especially in the face of the market can be formed in a completely different way to connect with the user, including the promotion of the brand as well as user interaction, to create a completely different user experience.

today, the topic is very broad, from e-commerce to see some changes in business. In Alibaba to do e-commerce, I was in the 8 year of Ali, I see the change of the entire e-commerce is still very great. In recent years, the change trend is irresistible. We look at the electricity supplier to the changes of business now, we look at where we are today? By the end of this year, now in December, we are pleased to say that e-commerce brings the entire transaction, the sales scale has more than 10% in the total retail. This is not a problem in the fourth quarter of 2014, with the US double 11 57 billion 100 million, two days before the double 12 is very hot, we engage in the line, all the old lady went to the supermarket to grab something, the whole can reflect a trend of electronic transactions including electronic payment is booming.

10% this number sounds, I remember 07 years of the 0.98%, a lot higher, in fact, there are still no penetration of 90%. You may ask in the end what will the world development, is not a few years ago, Wang Jianlin and Ma bet, online and offline who kill anyone? The electricity supplier will not exceed half of the country, more than 50%, people often ask me this question. I feel that in fact the ratio of 10% to 20%, I think from the current online sales model in terms of this proportion will rise. We look at the broad sense today is 10%, but in fact, we look at the industry in fact, the Internet and e-commerce penetration has been completely different, the higher the product

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