since 5 at the end of 618 Jingdong released the activity plans to start small, basically every day around someone called chop hands. Judging from the point of view of Jingdong discount this year is indeed a bit ferocious. However, the effect of the 618 in the end is not good light from the discount is not seen on the strength of the small series, which will take you to look at the end of this year, the cattle are not cattle in 618. Our time is divided into three sections, before the event (before May 31st), the warm-up period (June 1st -6 17), the activity peak (June 18th).

well, first of all, we look at nearly a month of Jingdong traffic trends:


from the traffic point of view, the warm-up period began to increase the flow of Jingdong than usual, a step up, and in June 17 when the flow is significantly higher, by the year of June is a straight line of traffic soared 18.

next, we use a magnifying glass to see what happened in June 18th:

can be seen from the beginning of June 18th 0, the flow is much higher than usual, associated with the situation of colleagues who stayed up late yesterday, Xiao Bian did not feel surprised. And yesterday’s real climax in the morning from 10 to eleven points, the flow is to achieve an average of more than 4 times.

see here are some small wonder, where so many hand chop party come from



from the point of view of the region, Guangdong province in June 18th for the most dedicated Jingdong, traffic reached 600 million, followed by Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai.

Jingdong how to attract these users?

from traffic sources, direct access to 84% of the rate that most users have been able to look for the Jingdong brand, direct access to the official website of Jingdong.

, of course, there are some lazy users, can not directly reach the Jingdong website, where do they come from?


from an external source, the 360 navigation drainage capacity ahead.

key words are related to the Jingdong, which shows that the brand effect of Jingdong or as strong as ever.

Jingdong through 618 activities to get a large number of users, these users are doing in the Jingdong



search words from the Jingdong station, we are concerned about the main thing in the Jingdong mobile phones and appliances. Among them, the number of mobile phone search is 1 million 600 thousand times.

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