front end time I give a company to do network promotion, the effect is not big and I don’t know how I know the boss very satisfied, the today Wuhan SEO Xiao Zhou to talk about some methods of enterprise network promotion for everyone. Hope that we can help.

network promotion is actually an important part of network marketing. Is the core of e-commerce in this field. Network promotion is an important part of network marketing. This can not be ignored, many companies have a dedicated website for direct marketing network. Immediately after the implementation of the network must be promoted.

one, enterprise website promotion rule: search engine.

(1) search engine to guide traffic

small and medium enterprise traffic data statistics, most of the traffic is from the search engine, the domestic is completely rely on Baidu, search engine traffic accounted for more than 80%. After the completion of the site can be better to log in a large search engine. So as to guide more traffic to better rankings. Then the customer on the Internet can be found in the search engine, such as Baidu, etc..

(2) search engine PPC

is now the most common way of advertising companies to remove the natural ranking of the search engine that we said above. There is also a way to auction the form to guide traffic. It’s just a way to pay. But the effect is still relatively good.

(3) search engine optimization

here and the site of the first point of view is not the same. Here we are talking about SEO, mainly for corporate website analysis, and then to the core keywords of the later for the key words to do optimization. So that their web site relative search page in the search engine to go to a good ranking. This can bring high quality conversion rate. In order to achieve a better trading purpose.

two, enterprise promotion rules: external links

(1) links

in the network SEO optimization, the link is actually accounted for a very large proportion of. This is from the site is mainly linked to good rankings can be seen out. Good links to their web site can bring some traffic and ranking. In particular, when the enterprise stand as a link to the attention of the relationship between the two sites. Can bring good benefits to the company. Ranking is also one of the benefits.

(2) classification directory submission included

search engine rankings in the law, a good chain to determine the quality of the site is good or bad. This is almost Baidu’s patented algorithm. Well, like to go to a good ranking must give their website directory. Looking for a good directory to do their own website to engage in the quality of the chain. For example, good 123.265, YAHOO, such as the classification of our enterprise directory if they are submitted to the collection is very difficult

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