you know, Baidu will give priority to Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu, Baidu, Baidu Post Bar know the contents of the space in the front row, using this feature, we can use Baidu’s own products to promote your web site.

I want to say is that I found that Baidu know a little discovery, promotion tips. Let’s see how I do it:

1 registered accounts to answer each other two. A vest with their own questions, answer vest with B, then A B will vest vest answer as the best answer, the key is to make the B vest answer is selected as the best answer, the premise is in the process of discussing the best transform IP. (Figure 1)


figure 1

2 but this answer even if passed can bring you more traffic? We need maximum utilization of what should do? I think the ranking of priority using Baidu products principle, as long as their ranking in its own set of keywords within the scope of that post in front it will give they bring more traffic.

with my own example, that’s what I did. For example, I test is "the efficacy and role of" 37, then I will make their own posts in the key word in front, I used a little trick, that is "top his son ", also found that the more the number of the best answer to the top post, ranking for in front of many. (Figure 2)

Figure 2


finally see my post ranking, in the 37 Effect and the role of key words, ranked second, second only to Baidu search open platform. Of course, not all of them can be, for the keyword overheating or difficult. At the same time, it also takes time, a process to show the effect of.


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