released a deadly tension on the "Taobao effect of the shops to buy conversion rate – related marketing" of the article, by the love of many friends, but also have a lot of friends with Taobao to find Taobao shop operators to understand the tension. Today, this article is arranged before I went to the Baidu library, after a period of time, the tension on the Baidu library to look at the time, scared. This library has been a lot of friends scoring and download, we can look at the following figure:


I will be the content of this article simple to tell you about.

we all know every day in the Taobao store is increasing rapidly, every day there are many people shop in Taobao, according to a sample survey of more than 20 thousand stores of Taobao, which has to do with related marketing shop more than 72%, and the 72% in 89% sellers on the related marketing is not satisfied. Such a group of figures believe that everyone is confused. Because as a seller of Taobao, we all know that the shop is related to the marketing must be done, it will certainly have an effect, but it is regrettable that 89% of Taobao sellers do not know how to do the effect.

at the same time, in the Taobao survey of sellers, shop transaction conversion rate showed uneven surprise, a minimum of only 0.2%, the highest was more than 8%, the gap up to 40 times! It is not difficult to imagine, when shops have 1000 people visit, 998 of whom do not spend a penny on the left, this is how gloomy and hopeless!

I’m going to give you a detailed account of the three key points in Taobao related marketing.

the first key point: the appropriate form and the selection method

a, [similar recommendation] form

1, available themes: you may also like, like hot selling baby, related baby, etc..

2, effective index: five-star. Because most of the buyers are directed at their favorite function points, attributes and click on a baby into the details page, the closer they are to buy the target, the higher the probability of associated sales.

, 3 selection methods: first, the associated baby the same function for example: in the "sleeveless wool vest" this baby, recommend a few other "sleeveless wool vest", "cotton long sleeved shirt" this baby, recommend a few other "cotton shirt";


attribute to the same or similar products, such as: Red – red Mickey bag bag, coffee desk 1.2 meters – 1.2 meters deep desk;

to the final price, for example: 39 yuan 20-50 yuan between Leggings leggings, 128 yuan Cleanser – 100-150 cleanser, 380 yuan down jacket – 300-500 down jacket.


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