site of the landing of the small
  1, the new site should not take the initiative to land the initiative landing Google, Baidu?

      personal suggestions don’t login Google, Baidu 80%, if your website is original (spider has not included the content) okay, Baidu landing site address    Google

landing station entrance

      2, what is the use of the site log?

          submit your web site Google, Baidu spider will crawl your site’s content, the filter will be released (Baidu is included in the first filter)

      3, how much time will be submitted to the site?

                there is not an accurate time, but the structure of your site not dead links, website access speed, good web design standards will speed up the collection and subsequent capture.

      4, how to let Google, Baidu active included?

            1, exchange links to find your site spiders (recommended, to find the spider often update the site), 2, write the article with your link to let others reproduced

        5, why not my site Baidu, Google included?

        A. your web site server is not stable, Baidu was temporarily removed; after a stable, the problem will be solved (AD, I’m selling space domain there is a need to contact Cao Hongqiang)
        B. your web page content is not in conformity with the provisions of the national laws and regulations of the local (pornographic, reactionary, violence etc.) >

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