Hello, my heart is the administrator of BBS, currently in the network reading channel now working in today, with his usual practical experience, compile text, and share with everyone, inadequacies also hope we point out.

1: every morning to see the site traffic, analysis of antecedents and keywords, on top of the page to flow to visit and see, grasp the main content, the article made immediately targeted publicity, even the lace news can be, anyway, let others have not seen, look to see.

2: check the website of dead links, connect the overall check on the website home page, find dead links and modify, this is also a webmaster tools can fix things, but what I was not in advertising.

3: go to the designated place to download books today upload promotional materials package, book reviews and interviews are quickly released to the finishing reading channel website. If there is no corresponding information, I need to organize their own, generally from the original book, and sometimes can also be appropriate to do a fake.

4: to be responsible for the personnel to upload the books uploaded a book, immediately checked the chapter, title, pictures and other norms. Then combined with the data packets inside the data to establish the corresponding Baidu and Wikipedia soso, early establishment of book publicity priority. Of course this is defective, not all things are suitable for Wikipedia, suggest that you pay more attention to the Post Bar although Sogou, the whole collection of Baidu Post Bar, but Google’s exit, other forces will be taking advantage of the search, the current promotion period generally control is not very strict, not all things connected everywhere so, since you can get high PR high flow chain.

5: recommended daily topics, to ensure that the blog is updated daily, the daily recommended books, then the recommended topic information to each big website, at present mainly in the form of sending blog, and World Forum, NetEase and other large cultural forum forum. Of course you can think this is soft, but there is a soft, defect is that it is only in the webmaster forum or website inside a popular traffic to a large formal forum, often do not have what idea, even by BS, so we need to match up in disguise on the basis of my text in NetEase the cultural forum, the first title to be changed into normal, without publicity, direct language neutral, neutral description to a statement of information on it.

6: pay attention to news events, at any time can be found popular keywords. The last time Guo Jingming came to Wuhan signing is a very good opportunity, now reading channel network in the propaganda is very work under the big screen display of scene, led directly to our fans as the organizers, in fact, is not us, but it is also a reflection of the the promotion process, a website, just rely on the machine on the network of the post, there is absolutely no effect. Activity is the kingly way, through the activity, the best is directly involved in the Star >

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