The hospital has now

as everyone knows, the lack of previous influence, we are in the hear, "Oh, I’m not feeling well, I want to go to the hospital to see XX hear much similar to" my eyes hurt, I want to see which hospital is OK, this also is the house? ", the hospital decreased influence, one is likely to decline in their overall strength, is more pressure from outside. Now the medical profession is the eyes of investors xiangbobo, everyone wants a piece of the growing competition is also big, also bring huge impact to the enterprise promotion. The traditional way to promote their own advantages gradually on the decline, and even beyond, many small and medium-sized hospital unbearable promotion of poor turnover decreased, eventually pulled off. More and more hospitals are eager to promote a new model to increase the volume of their orders, medical soft Wen came into being.

medical soft Wen has its era background, the so-called wolf before the tiger, the reason for the emergence of medical soft

(1) the high cost of traditional advertising investment low return, many hospitals planning tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of advertising, so that the small and medium private medical enterprises really burst into tears ah

(2) Baidu to promote the gradual decline in the advantages of competition, with the medical industry’s fiery, the medical industry’s popular keywords click more and more, and the general keywords can not reflect the effect of publicity

(3) consumers’ aesthetic fatigue, all day long "XX hospital……" Too exaggerated, see the hospital "content", let the audience confused your advantage where? What are the characteristics? What is the credibility of this hospital, and even some of the media supervision failure, help Zhou slightly, with false propaganda.

hospital is nothing more than to guide consumers to recognize the brand, understand their medical characteristics, professional technology to obtain consumer recognition, thereby attracting a large number of patients come to visit. How to spread is very exquisite, after all, the modern people with the improvement of living standards, knowledge enhancement, combined with the present medical market forced patients to dragons and fishes jumbled together, improve the resolution ability of traditional advertising has been difficult to bear fruit, and medical soft as a fresh blood, with articles, let the pedestrians look inside it, let the pedestrian is smoke and mirrors, increasing the mystery of the hospital, and try to arouse the reader’s curiosity. Medical, there is another way of saying that popular science article, refers to the use of the public can easily understand, accept and participate in the way to popularize the knowledge of natural science and social science, the dissemination of scientific ideas, promote scientific spirit, promote scientific methods, application and popularization of science and technology activities. This approach closer to the majority of patients, to the masses of the people and the interior to the masses, the masses can forget you. Second, the medical soft Wen release operation is simple, whether it is soft Wen planning, soft writing or release soft Wen, as long as a small amount of time and energy can produce good results, improve work efficiency. Finally, the medical soft Wen is a good interpretation of the timeliness of information, authenticity, universality, select medical soft release >

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