pushed yesterday. Comments in the deep fried hair, said head is out of things, the original, is not a company that is well, in order to avoid the PR draft, companies are reluctant to spot now even mention.

then let people get a sunspot specifically for this special issue, it is not difficult to find material to really. After a variety of hard search, sunspots on today’s topic.

said in the world of advertising, there is a mystery, is the same draft.

the world is so big, people and people are likely to be long, we call it hit the face, let alone advertising. But there are many creative people, in order to be lazy, would turn themselves into creative porter.

such as the next draft


manuscript is a world famous creative draft:


This type of

, can not be ruled directly, naked plagiarism.



these are the one that can be seen plagiarism or local plagiarism.

but people scratching their heads. The thing is, sometimes the creative concept will be the same, which leads to performance practices would be similar.

, for example, the following figure two:


this is the use of special media applications.


this is a plane.

expression in natural tea. Can only be understood as creative crash.

these creative is hit too horrible to look at.





is usually a simple concept of creativity is particularly vulnerable to crash.

such as the concept of performance is anticipated, the scramble for.

you can do this


can also do


can also do


can do


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