this year’s holiday gifts, gifts received melatonin." "Charge five minutes, talk for two hours." Why is the copy in your mind lingering? It is because of these brainwashing brainwashing! Then copy is how to make? By long time observation and analysis, I generally divide them into several categories.


what is brainwashing copy?

is scattered in your brain not to copy. It’s hard to forget the first time I saw you.

first look, we’ve been brainwashed ad copy these years. Here collected 30 classic brainwashing copy, please add.

– this year’s holiday gifts, gifts received melatonin.

– this is your benefits.

– you are my baby.

– charge for five minutes, two hours of talk.

– beautiful like strength.

– if the skin is good, dabao.

– your energy than you can imagine.

– we are just the nature of porter.


– do not take the unusual way.

– generally I do not tell him.

Here is Shenzhen


– Classification of garbage, begin from me.

– the fresh green arrow on the side.

– excavator school which is stronger, Chinese Shandong for Lan Xiang

– not all are called Deluxe milk.

– ox than cowhide belt.

– you can eat delicious.

– a rainy day with chocolate and music.

– a diamond is forever, forever.

– got ringworm of the nails, a two infectious.

– look at me I will eat you.

Where does the point where


– Fuyanshu Jie, wash more healthy.

– HOUDY nice, everyone is really good.

– a genius of the first step, chiaus diapers.

– Hungry don’t call Mom, called the hungry.

– L’OREAL Paris, you deserve.

sum up, together to analyze the characteristics of these brainwashing copy. In fact, it is not difficult to find that they are very characteristic, there are rules to follow. By observing and analyzing for a long time, I roughly divide them into the following categories.

1, brand name is advertising language.

uses its own brand name as an advertising language

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