I think for a long time "the form of interlocution promotion I am to share or not to share it before

to write this article?", finally Mou Changqing teacher persuaded me (of course I know him, he doesn’t know me, but I often) in his attention to his blog, I learned a lot, so I still the determination of website promotion methods and we share together.

questions and answers in the form of promotion is the method I tried, the effect is very obvious. In fact, this method you master in their website promotion also mentioned, but I read so much seems to have no a webmaster this method is regarded as the focus and specific, I want to be with your own website about the nature. This question and answer form is more suitable for the promotion of online shopping mall (store) website, because the promotion of the goal is more clear, but also the most potential customers. Well, below I will share with you my method of operation.

a, what is the Q & a promotion?

quiz promotion, as the name suggests is mainly composed of two parts "ask" and "a", this is a method to ask questions and answer questions to do product promotion and effective, according to the practice for me for a long time, is the most popular quiz community including Baidu know and ask the Tencent, two community it can be said online every day the number reached ten W, and the inside of the question and answer daily update very quickly.

Baidu know and Tencent to ask the characteristics of these two communities, classification details, popularity, content updates quickly, improve the management mechanism, technology maturity and improve the incentive mechanism. While their classification mainly includes various fields, including popular popularity with computer digital life, Home Furnishing and financial management, especially the digital computer almost every minute someone questions on laptops, smart people can see that this is our potential customers.

two, Q & a promotion what is the significance of the effect?

Q & a form of promotion is not only to improve the flow is more important is to develop potential customers, I still use my own example to illustrate it.

I am now in the company has a notebook digital network mall, and I am responsible for the website brand and product promotion. I do not have to do a lot of ways to promote the brand, I will share with you in the blog, I mainly talk about the promotion of products. Q & A is one of the most effective and most clear goals to promote my numerous product promotion, because in Baidu know and ask the computer digital Tencent in the classification, provided all laptops and digital recommended similar problems friends are our potential customers, that is to say the answer is the question of potential customer concerns if your answer is very professional, he will click on your left. In this way, not only a visit but also about transaction orders, but the

shooting two birds with one stone!

and about how the effect, it depends on the strength of you, I do notebook related issues

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