what is the long way of marketing, event marketing, marketing occasion? Since the three black Marketing…? is short-term marketing common marketing methods, marketing is short, the effect will be short of. So what kind of marketing method is a long-term, sustainable operation of marketing it? My answer is —IP marketing!


in marketing thinking, what is called IP?

is actually very simple, is to see whether it has a strong influence, attractiveness, not affected by the impact of the size of the platform constraints, and can be achieved in a number of platforms to achieve traffic and distribution (commercialization).

from the media era of IP dispute

from the Internet portal will be assigned to the flow of distribution rights from the media, a single person from the media IP dispute ignited a raging fire. The battle of IP in early is actually content dispute, since the media will produce high-quality content distributed to various platforms, such as today’s headlines, Sohu, NetEase and other platforms to get traffic, enhance the influence, and ultimately the formation of such a process IP.

For example:

A on each platform for content output after two years, he did not want to press on the platform now, he will be a platform for their own, this time if we can flow together with him to A their own platform website, then, A managed to put himself into IP.

a fan battle

avoid single platform to build IP, unless you have a relationship within the platform. Because in the process of bigger, will encounter such or that kind of problem, if there is no one day to pay attention to the relevant provisions of the platform, or other reasons, the number is sealed, it is a pity.

content output to avoid homogenization, want to be made from the media ‘IP’, unique content is the key to the key. Content to high quality, but also to avoid homogenization, the original output is the basic content of the output form and character, from the media to shape their own. In the final analysis, the dispute between the media IP is also a fan of the previous argument, fans can bring the most stable flow from the media every day, the same fans can be extended from the media to new traffic. For example:

a fan can affect six people around, these six people can go to 36 people, and so on, a fan for the media to bring the value of the infinite. Similarly, if ten fans, one hundred fans for you to influence other people


‘1’ is actually much larger than ‘1’ in itself.

The ultimate goal of

IP is a human centered business strategy

from the media in the process of building IP, there is how to seize the hearts of fans, so that fans do not have to mobilize from the media, since you feel that you can help expand the content, or non platform content distribution. The problem has come, how to seize the hearts of fans


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