U.S. mission review in December 2015 has completed $2 billion 800 million financing, financing in January 2016 more than 3 billion u.s..


U.S. group commented on the valuation of $15 billion before financing, financing valuation of $18 billion.


U.S. mission comments investment highlights, China’s overall market penetration of less than 5% O2O.


China’s O2O market reached a total of 20 trillion yuan.


is expected in 2019 will reach 5 trillion RMB consumer market (an annual growth of 13.6%), network coverage exceeded 20%, with a broad market space.


closed loop business model


comments on the status of the United States market segments


compared with ALI and other Tencent valuation


U.S. Group reviews relative valuation algorithm


compared with the management of competitors


Review of the risk factors and prevention of


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