started in 2010 from Wuhan, Ichiban shop mainly sells nuts, dried fruit snacks, some stores opened in the downtown area, more students or work near the female white-collar love, I still remember their dried pineapple tastes good. Last year that praise founder white crow in his speech made special mention of Ichiban shop case in differential pin has become a topic of. During the National Day this year, the county seat of our hometown actually opened a branch, at least in Hubei began to penetrate the four cities.

on the well-known, Ichiban shop may not go three squirrel pure electric mode, if returned to the countless line shops in the real economic downturn situation, how to use the Internet to expand their brand in the era of big proposition, and draw on Ichiban shop business model highlights the value of.

is the founder of the team before they do Kelon refrigerator sales, is taking the weight model of self built line channels, from my visit several shops, store retail shops, product packaging and POP, quality of staff have achieved standardization. And interestingly, according to public revenue data 2015 Ichiban shop revenue of 4 billion 500 million yuan, of which online sales accounted for 1 billion 200 million yuan (waiting), good complementary between the business model and the line shop, it is from the line to go O2O success stories online. Amway Ichiban shop is not the purpose of this paper, the line of shops from operation level can get meaningful inspiration.

one, how to solve the conflict between the shop and the electricity supplier channels offline is the key to the transformation of

Shop service radius

inter regional electricity supplier and the line localization has been very difficult to overcome the contradictions, the past has been that will compress traditional store electricity supplier living space; coupled with the various regional agents to take a deduction, the company level will do business with agents compete, so many companies can not try to model electricity supplier.

with electric commercial technology to reduced marginal cost, with the server + online platform way to greatly enhance the (virtual) receive the customer, the manual service cost is reduced, the labor cost advantage with increased even more than the advantages of the network to spread the retail industry has a greater impact.

Ichiban shop business model in general is to find material processors OEM (OEM), good quality control, sales in the end is built offline stores play out, to attract local businesses converted stores do join, this is the conventional way of market. Ichiban shop in the major electricity supplier platform, ah has opened a number of public praise the mall, up about three points:

(1) are suitable for the electricity supplier, convenient transportation, snacks can also unified pricing (the profit distribution, eliminate the problem, which is also the Chuanhuo) all snack brand opportunities. I have noticed that even Ichiban shop began selling pork, more and more development in product development varieties, SKU Mall (supply) is rich.

(2) brand rejuvenation, Ichiban shop 2010.

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