in order to prove himself and Huazhong HZHOST does not have any relationship, so attached to the net and work.

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some time ago, a 2 HZHOST series, 0DAY China serious vulnerabilities, network security will be classified as a serious risk of the vulnerability vulnerability.

and broke the first time to convene a network security detection team, and promptly notify the existence of loopholes in the site to repair, providing temporary repair program.

for the first time, 1 days. A total of over 100 sites detected, 80% vulnerabilities exist. Because of restrictions on temporary QQ chat, so by mail.


notification message includes our test purposes, test results and temporary repair program. We are more likely to recommend an official patch, so only a temporary fix.

below is our notification email content

respect XXXX Technology Development Co., Ltd.


after China network security detection, found that there are serious loopholes in your station. Department of public management software vulnerabilities. Please go to the official update to fix the vulnerability.

temporary solution: stop using host domain name real-time management system. When you solve this vulnerability, at the same time, check the server security.

detection by the China network security operation, the use of accounts: qq7668765. Please delete the account after the repair.

for us in the absence of your permission, without permission to express deep regret. Please understand that due to the workload, and contact inconvenience and many other factors, resulting in failure to advance notice of your station will be secretly testing practice. The test does not modify or destroy any of your data, but in our testing, while others will inevitably no intrusion operations, it is recommended to detect the server security.

China Network Security:

webmaster QQ:7668765

Tel: 13136697736

if you have any questions about this test, please contact us. Once again for the unauthorized detection to apologize to you.


salute!In fact, the first

has a lot of problems, such as many service providers leave messages does not exist is cancelled, even some email also did not reply, only a few companies have told us the reply and thank you for repair.

here, please pay more attention