do stand for half a year, the deficit has done a lot of things to tell you my story in A5!

I was 91 years, has been a liar, I simply write down my experience,

at that time I was doing it, start very early, in early 06 began to do,

very happy to make money, basically a profit of about $10000,

then turn to agents, engage in what the attack, I quickly developed,

40W has its own money, buy a car, a person is very cool,

Oh but I’m stupid, wasteful time waste, also stained K,

also for ten people a day to eat and drink, the car did not, the money is gone, no identity

former "friends" to address each other as brothers are gone, knew that I was very lonely,

I started to cheat, I started to cheat customers, all customers cheated out,

online fame smelly, very sorry, cheated light, began to do illegal activities,

attack local Internet cafes to extort money (arrested)

see mom and dad depressed eyes, I am very disappointed, cried for a long time,

my heart is ideal: can not go back to the past, back to the past, I cried and cried all night!

I’m starting to fall, go to the bar every day, go play, go crazy,

gradually changed their own, changed a lot, no money, no friends, the bus did not pull money,

began to return to the virtual world, thinking about how to make money, but it is not good to do,

so I went around looking for something to do, but it didn’t work out,

later contacted A5 forum, contact graph king, flying fish, fan, Jack, according to Han (this girl I buckle a lot of points, and then quarrel know)

and so many A5 people, a lot of friends, here to find a home feeling and taste,

I began to learn to stand up, in registered my life the first corn: (now changed)

used to be very numb, do not know what is the system, using a set of old Y procedures, dynamic, simply not suitable for news stations,

at that time my was a news station (Jiangxi News Network) and later closed for a number of reasons,

is the beginning of July of this year, a lot of pictures are visible before the eyes,

is very silly 10 yuan a purchase of PR2 link to buy PR5 links to 80 yuan, I feel so stupid ah, I’m really a pig,

at that time do not know what role to buy links, that is "text"

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