President Yang Haoran and his ex-wife Wang Hongyan of the division of property in divorce lawsuit regeneration misfortune.

yesterday (April 26th), Wang Hongyan told the "daily economic news" reporter, domain name transferred to the mountain branch network technology recently (Beijing) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the mountain branch). This is for the division of property in divorce cases, because the two years she played for the division of property lawsuit is the original owner of the domain name: Beijing Xinxiu Weiye Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinxiu Wei Ye).

for the domain name transfer to Yang Haoran whether the division of property in divorce lawsuit, Ganji yesterday did not give a response.

, the reporter found that in the Ministry of ICP/IP address / name information for the record management system, sponsor domain name "" for mountain time "through the audit branch, 2012-03-05". Previously, domain in Xinxiu Weiye.

Beijing city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau data show that the mountain branch was established in November 3, 2011, the legal representative of Liu Yang, the main business scope for Internet information services. Wang Hongyan said, mountain section shareholders only two people, namely executive vice president Liu Yang and Yang Haoran’s younger brother, Hao Yang Chung (micro-blog) ( CEO).

It is reported that

, Xinxiu Weiye operating company was founded in October 27, 2004, which is also the legal representative of Liu Yang, Yang Haoran and Yang Haoyong were holding 50%, its business scope is indicated in the column of "Internet information services (including the use of website network advertisement; besides the news, publication, education, medical care, drugs, the content of medical devices)." 2010 years ago, Yang Haoran will own shares transferred to Yang Haoyong.

in this regard, Wang Hongyan’s lawyer said, "the domain name is the core assets of owned companies. If the domain name is transferred, the legitimate value of its shares will no doubt be affected."

August 2010, Wang Hongyan Yang Haoran, Yang Haoyong and Xinxiu Weiye prosecution to the Haidian court, requesting confirmation of invalid Yang Hao Ran "malicious equity transfer" behavior.

equity transfer case was originally scheduled for October 18, 2010 hearing. But after hearing the same day, Yang Haoran’s lawyer told the judge, Yang Haoran in 6 days ago to the west side court sued for confirmation of marriage is invalid, the court therefore asked Haidian to suspend the trial. Until the beginning of this year, the court ruled that the case to resume trial.

for the transfer of the domain name, Wang Hongyan believes that the move is for divorce property division lawsuit. She said that in February 20th this year, it received the judge on the case can resume oral notice, but until March 20th, they received a formal ruling.

"February 20th, court notice"

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