news (December 20th), it is reported that since the last to high prices from overseas acquisitions to, another top international domain name by domestic domain name investors repurchase price. The original purchase price although ylmf confidential, but also revealing the range between —800 million in 1 million. According to the insiders understand that the domain name transaction amount is about $110 thousand.

had 115 of the domain name is ylmf repurchase because he owns, the web site, on the daily flow at 5 million between -600 million, after the repurchase may be used for web site. can be recovered at high prices, where the future is concerned. At the same time, 115 and 117 and 117 more fluently, not much difference between, especially easy to remember. Whether for re shot acquisition of this domain is also of concern, if the last shot again, the domain name will also be worth bullish.

with the rapid development of the Internet, the depletion of three digit domain name, the domain name of the three digit value generally in the figure of the 7. With the passage of time, the value of such domain names will show a geometric growth. No matter whether our domain name will also be shot again, with the rapid development of the Internet gradually rising price.

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