Henry · in the concept of Macas, online video advertising may be the most relevant business in this period of time with the internet. With the Baidu TV grand launch of the online video advertising industry once again set off a great disturbance. September 13, 2007, Baidu chief financial officer Wang Zhansheng announced Baidu’s new strategy, that is to build the largest advertising marketing platform, and video advertising platform, Baidu TV is one of the important and crucial step. Pay close attention to the online advertising market AC Nelson analysts believe that Baidu’s move is to look at the online video advertising market, hoping to build on their own platform Focus Media online edition".

      network diversity

      July 13, 2005, Focus Media Holdings Limited was successfully listed on nasdaq. Since then, Chinese every advertiser began thinking about how to become the second spring. Therefore, received in private equity and venture investors business plan book, there are often various scenes advertising entrepreneurs vowed to subvert the minute mode. However, no matter in the high-end office buildings, hotels, or in the ordinary residential, and even some golf courses are filled with liquid crystal screen spring system. From a three-dimensional perspective, subversion of the public model is almost impossible.

      but on the Internet, can the public mode be copied? Jason Jiang also thought the answer to this question. In early August, there is news of Jiangnan Spring to buy new video search company PCPIE, the company is currently in the field of Chinese video search has leading position in technology. This shows that there is a great interest in the gangnam-i network video advertising. Youku.com President Victor Koo also for online video advertising is full of interest, in the Baidu TV press conference, Victor Koo said of his confidence in the AVCJ online video advertising. The high coverage of Baidu TV and the function of monitoring greatly meet the needs of advertisers, but also conducive to our video sites to achieve greater profitability." Gu Yongqiang said.

      from the propagation characteristics and effect of the Focus Media, the first is accurate and effective, and the bombing type advertisement audience deepening memory layout. How to achieve the same effect of online video advertising? Points of the LCD screen advertising is occupied by the audience by elevator garbage and boring time, the audience does not exist in the acceptance of the problem. The online video advertising is occupied by the audience’s online time, or they are browsing the web, or in the online learning, they are willing to be disturbed by advertising it?

      for the above problems, Baidu TV exclusive operating partner with Visual Media Technology Co., Ltd. to do in-depth research, the company’s executive vice president Xue Chen in accepting AVC>

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