, the number of people using social networks around the world has exceeded 2 billion, and will grow at a rate of at least $25% a year. Those who do not have access to social media this express company has lost the opportunity to expand more value. At present, more than 90% of U.S. companies have an active social network system, the company’s exposure and even sales have thus increased exponentially.


so at the beginning of 2016, the analysis of social media marketing trends and changes is particularly important, different companies can also use the advantages of social media, to strengthen its position in the field of professional segmentation.

1 social media will be more work in the workplace


social network service providers are committed to the company’s marketing department to build an internal social network – the network is only for the use of internal staff exchanges. Designed to encourage employees to reduce and even completely abandon the use of e-mail. Through this system, employees do not need to filter out useful information in thousands of messages, but also do not have to cope with the complex, reply to a variety of e-mail work.

Slack (an enterprise chat tool) appears, so that the situation began to slowly changed. Slack chat interface is very intuitive, and support the record search. These advantages make Slack in just two years, has more than 1 million active users, users from the NASA (NASA) staff to the roadside restaurant staff.

of course, this is just the beginning, Slack also faces fierce competition from different aspects, such as the Faceook atWork project is still in the test phase. The project has already been tested in some companies. Within a few months, we may see that FacebookatWork is opening its services to all groups. Facebook will provide free and high quality features according to their different needs. Due to the leading position in the field of social networking Facebook, FacebookatWork after the test is completed, will soon be widely used should be a high probability event.

2 is the best salesman


although the vast majority of large companies have created a social media management team, but only a small number of companies really show the desire to make good use of this resource. Recently, some companies have begun to take advantage of their most important resource – their employees.

these companies through a variety of ways to support employees in social networking platform. They encourage their employees to use their accounts to update the company in social media

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