When our college textbooks are still eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Google, as a successful case, when

some American website "reverse" success.

Although the

because behind what cause these American website development is not successful, the reporter also is general analysis, vibration

, the most intelligent people, the most money, the best technology, but does not change the work idea, way, also cannot be in the future

A, rather than to white-collar bourgeoisie grass, nor the general public of the seedlings! VS should be white-collar bourgeoisie to ordinary seedlings.

the grass!

This is the website of

for operation of these sites in the United States who is senior Hong Kong and Taiwan, employees are Shanghai senior white-collar office, they knowThe

, the target is to promote the Shanghai Office of senior white-collar workers and the top 500 enterprises as the reference object, never considered

the needs of small and medium enterprises.

their upbringing, interests, vision, cause their heart is excluded in public, those kids, those Internet cafesThe

), more than half of these sites in the United States who is deeply qiaobushang, including those who are interested in "super girl"

, site of the United States, senior white-collar workers not only love, but also from the heart is a deep aversion.

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