Tudou, Youku, my music network…… These depend on the risk of investment and the rapid development of the Internet video website or quickly find buyers of state-owned capital, by the end of the month or close? Last week, SARFT and the Ministry of information industry jointly issued the "Regulations" management of Internet audio-visual program service in January 31, 2008, stipulates that only state-owned or state-controlled units personnel can Internet audio-visual program management.

mobile streaming media is also affected by

New Year’s day before the State Administration of radio, film and television, the Ministry of information industry jointly issued the "Regulations on the management of Internet audio-visual program services" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations") will be implemented in January 31st.

, it must be state-owned or state holding enterprises in line with the provisions of the market access principles. According to the "Regulations" article eighth, the application in the Internet audio-visual program services, shall have the qualifications of a legal person and is owned or controlled by the state, and in the three years before the application, no illegal records.

called Internet audio-visual program service, refers to the production, editing, integration and provide video and audio programs to the public through the Internet, and for others to provide upload audio-visual programs service activities, including the provision of Internet or mobile Internet audio-visual program services to the public in People’s Republic of China province. This means that the current mobile phone streaming media business is also affected.

"Regulations" also pointed out that the Internet video site operators need to obtain SARFT audio visual service license, access to the Ministry of information industry internet access license.

Although the relevant departments in

earlier comments also came to the specification, but the "Regulations" issued but suddenly caused uproar in the industry. Insiders believe that the company is currently engaged in the Internet audio-visual programs, such as Tudou, Youku, I music network, etc., are basically dependent on the development of venture capital. If the "provision" to enforce these sites, or in January 31st before the SASAC quickly find buyers, or shut down.

industry waiting for the implementation details

reporter to a number of experts in the industry CEO and Telecommunications consulting, they have not yet been able to accurately understand the meaning of the provisions of the reply. Video site " I music network ", CEO told reporters: we also need to communicate with the relevant departments, such as radio and television to understand in detail, in order to accurately understand the provisions of the meaning." Just with the Jiangsu radio and television media streaming 3G portal President Zhang Xiangdong said: the current video sites are basically foreign capital, almost no state-owned capital. So how to implement the need to wait for details."

professor at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, a well-known telecommunications expert Shu Huaying believes that the purpose of the specification should be further standardized Internet video content, promote the standardization and prosperity of Internet culture. On the need for state-owned capital holdings, Shu Huaying believes that from the perspective of cultural management, the media sector is not completely open, but how to do, is still relatively modular

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