"pretty divine", this large pornographic website once very noisy for a time, has registered more than 10 people, up to 200 million times the amount of page views. Also, let the police is a headache, the server built on foreign pornographic websites, even do not regularly replace the domain name, and the police playing hide and seek. Get a report of Nantong police removed Guangdong, Hubei, Beijing, Tianjin and other 7 provinces and cities, by tracking the positioning accuracy of the arrest "in one fell swoop dissemination of pornographic articles criminal gang led by the big bird".

surprising is that the founder of this site was a study called Luo Yun’s students went to study in canada. In December 21, 2007, Nantong City Chongchuan District People’s court to the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials Luo Yun sentenced to 10 years imprisonment; the other 8 defendants were sentenced to 7 months imprisonment.

recently, the Nantong City Intermediate People’s court made a final ruling, upheld. This large network dissemination of pornographic materials case finally settled.

"jiaotusanku" porn website

one day in early May 2007, the Nantong Municipal Public Security Bureau network monitoring department investigators got a public report: a "love China" website contains pornographic content.

really, investigators opened the "Temptress Moon" Shenzhou ", which is full of naked sexual advances, instigation, temptation. But investigators quickly found that the web server is built on the outside, must be registered members can browse the post information, and the site often replace the domain name, just a regular in a blog on the web site to register the release of the latest IP. The network is very good invisibility.

Brought no small difficulty

secret site to the police investigation, but police in Nantong or through high-tech means, carefully, quietly close to the suspect. The investigators found that the "Temptress Moon Shenzhou" aimed at China, issued a number of large and medium-sized city "prostitution" Miss "prostitution information; many members also published a lot of experience of prostitution"".

the site has more than 10 registered members, posting pornographic articles more than 2 articles, page views up to 200 million times. Moreover, there are a lot of pornographic pictures.

the case is very important! Nantong police will bring together the case, quickly reported to the Jiangsu provincial public security department. Because the suspects are distributed in a few provinces and cities, the network server in overseas ministries attention, and quickly reported the case of Ministry of public security.

May 31st, the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau will be the case as the handling of the case. July 6th, the Ministry of public security directive of the case by the Nantong municipal public security bureau. As a result, the Nantong municipal public security bureau. The director of the Nantong Municipal Public Security Bureau, assistant mayor Qin Jianping personally summoned by a municipal public security bureau network supervision department, Chongchuan District Public Security Bureau police brigade more than 20 police officers of the special group composed of speed up and running.

15 key members arrested

police from ">

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