2009, the fourth annual meeting of the Chinese Internet host in Beijing in May 17th. In the financial crisis environment, China’s Internet industry is currently one of the few affected by the crisis, one of the smaller industries, the conference will focus on the growth in the end of the theme.

China in Internet industry from 2008 to 2009 on the occasion of the successful implementation of the historical leap from 200 million users to 300 million Internet users; Chinese Internet advertising is growing rapidly, from 2007 9 billion to 2008 13 billion yuan across, is expected in 2009 will continue to grow by more than 35%. This is in sharp contrast to the sluggish macroeconomic situation in 2008 and low market confidence. In addition, China’s Internet industry has also ushered in a more competitive situation, especially online shopping, web games and other business areas are rapidly rising.

game day advertising alliance general manager Hou Chuan – invited to attend the meeting. As a leader in Internet advertising and online marketing, advertising alliance game day was named "the most love the service brand in the general assembly". Hou boost type general manager at the meeting about advertising plays in the development of the Internet, combined with a classic case of Yi day advertising alliance, especially network game promotion case, made a wonderful speech.

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pointed out that the emergence and the emergence of the Internet community web games can be said to be wrong. "Due to the nature of the game, most web game operators in the promotion mode, choose promotion mode against the traditional network game, the website advertising value is good, have all kinds of aggregation of the online advertising alliance website to launch mass entertainment. The advantage of the advertising alliance is to be able to gather a large number of small and medium-sized site traffic to reach a large scale advertising, so that the cost of advertising is much higher than in the portal or engine class advertising. At the same time, according to the different nature of the small and medium-sized Web site classification, so that advertisers advertising content to the same or similar types of Web site group, effectively reach the target audience. With the help of advertising monitoring system is accurate, advertising can also clearly know to advertisers how many registered members, how much cash income can be covered completely put made in advertising, so even without any cheating factors to consider possible advertising alliance. "The reason for taking the game advertising way, with this.

game day advertising alliance as an example, its membership in the site covers almost all site types. According to preliminary estimates, game day alliance can reach the daily 300 million ads, more than 10 million independent IP. The alliance has now served over 350 advertisers, most of which are based on the promotion of new network products, mainly distributed in the web games, e-commerce, friends, blog, video and other popular products.

is a leading non official website alliance, game day advertising mainly for advertisers, website owners, the software provides the fair trading platform, maximize the use of both marketing resources. >

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