enthusiastic webmaster said Baidu search at noon today to start a big update, many half areblocked in 09 years the sites are restored included, it was unclear whether Baidu is adjusting the corresponding rules.

the enthusiastic owners said that they have a website in Baidu search engine on the number as high as 1 million 520 thousand peak adduction, then in November 2009 the site was blocked, only the home page included, but also the initiation of the idea of abandoning the domain name, but this afternoon he found Baidu suddenly restored included in this site, and included the restoration of more than 60 thousand items. And he was also a K site has been restored.

then stationmaster net edit view part of known included K domain name, the reason is found that part of K’s website was restored included in September 2009, but the individual that still does not change, it’s not clear how Baidu is in a temporary adjustment, or has been restored to these sites included.

welcome in the second half of 2009 was the site of the Baidu site owners to provide relevant information.

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