Abstract: knowing in a paradoxical situation, on the one hand, it is the contradiction that the Q output mechanism makes it one of the traffic hub, however, on the other hand, such contradictions and positioning it knowledge platform market in essence is the conflict cannot be adjusted and.


a few years ago, if someone said that C2C mode in the China will blossom born a beat U.S. company, most people may have to sniff at. However, the magic of the Internet or the Chinese market is that nothing is impossible.

Compared to

micro Quora, known today successfully won $100 million D round of financing, and in all the news, we all praise will be known as the "largest knowledge platform".

the knowledge economy, which at first seems to have gone out of date, is now beginning to glow with new vitality and vigor.

once the era of knowledge economy, knowledge of the heroes of Zhongguancun software and hardware development, today in the era of knowledge economy, the Internet and the mode of thinking makes it have more meaning.

perhaps, the only problem is that the knowledge of such a platform is concerned, whether the knowledge economy is really rigorous and accurate, whether the knowledge can really be large-scale economy.

in the past year, know the action in this regard is low-key, breaking four years to adhere to their own principle derived institutions account, pay for content adaptation Live, Dongfeng launched almost know the value, not to mention in the advertising products carefully test.

in the user base and the scale of 2016, known at the time of its birth and know almost naturally almost everywhere, in the form of products and services online, is it not the case.

first, ask around the natural content of the production mode and mechanism, it is a focus in the rectangular quotes, users ask rules guidelines to the knowledge sharing platform, then, to guide and planning, especially with open registration measures to guide, know actually gradually transformed into a PGC community.


know almost a commitment to build a knowledge sharing community, but in fact it is the special attribute of knowledge itself determines that in such a place, almost never achieve equality, democracy and freedom of communication on the basis of share based, but can only be a one-way input-output relationship, professional skills and knowledge handling, the owner of the ignorant and the vast majority of building up such a seemingly harmonious and prosperous Empire knowledge.

we attribute the attributes of knowledge to the following three points:


a person has the knowledge that others do not have, his knowledge of the field more and more

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