November 1st news: it is reported that innovation works chairman Li Kaifu yesterday announced by micro-blog innovation works of new investment projects "security treasure" enabled three spell domain name


map: domain name information

According to the

whois information, domain name registration in November 19, 2010, the current domain name renewals to 2013, the latest update date is August 10, 2011. Use Baidu to search the domain related information display, a minon was in 2007 and 2009 had been for sale, also appeared in the list of expired domain name in 2008.


every good rice in the face of their own terminal before they think they are a supporting role, is a garbage. Security treasure three spell domain experience seems to be the best statement. In the post sale, sale value of the domain name or the understanding, but may have been not in favor of the terminal, so the domain name has not received enough attention, will repeat deletion, the fate of cybersquatting.


domain name experience shows the potential for minon domain to have the correct valuation.

Bao "Bao; insurance; full" meaning, this kind of domain name has a better use, such as Taobao, Alipay (, – jump). It is reported that Larry Epro bought 500 thousand yuan in the department.

Pinyin name system now the mainstream system, security treasure three spell, on the website of the same name, initials and finals and the domain name not easily confused, the application domain is worth looking forward to.

it is understood that, "the security treasure" nebula SUNAC (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd’s products, allegedly for "the first to use zero deployment of cloud computing technology, one-stop solution to all kinds of security problems of high-tech enterprises." Nebula SUNAC said, "security treasure" website protection system can provide security in the community website a one-stop solution, make the site in the "zero deployment", "zero maintenance", to prevent security problems such as XSS, SQL injection, Trojans, zero day attacks, botnets and other network stations.

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