March 8th news, Sheng extension media CEO Qin guest 121st phase of the Longmen IT array, to explain the opportunities and challenges of vertical sites. He believes that the vertical site has entered the 3 era, will be more thorough stand on the user’s point of view: to provide one-stop service, providing depth of application services, docking with B2C, the application of social networks.

information site challenges: users were diverted

Qin cause that, from the portal to the arrival of the mobile Internet era, the Internet presents a diversified pattern, from form to content in addition, e-commerce, online games, video sites and popular SNS.

At the same time, the number of Internet users is increasing rapidly, while the traditional information websites are faced with the situation that the users are constantly divided; secondly, the content and advertising business model is becoming more and more


is more important is that people are no longer satisfied with the simple product information, but also from the product to the application, the depth of each link of the whole service. New applications emerge in an endless stream, the traditional information website is faced with the user SNS, video, micro-blog and other streaming."

vertical website advantage: covering the industrial chain

in the face of challenges at the same time, vertical sites still have obvious advantages. Qin cited Morgan Stanley report said: digital, aviation, tourism, automotive, real estate and other mass consumption, vertical network media occupy an absolute advantage of the media position. Most of the industrial chain in the field of consumption is more complex, mainly in the entertainment and news of the large and wide web site in the chain of these industries, does not have the advantage.

for example, the automotive industry, including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and the post service market, the industry chain complex, want to cover all aspects is not easy.

also, according to the IDG survey, 75% of the surveyed said most rely on the professional technology of network access to technical information, technology trends, technology news, technology review; 85% of the respondents said the technology website is their most valuable access to technical information and the most important channel, followed by the search; 75% of respondents believe that technology website provides information, the credibility of the strongest. The report concluded that: professional and technical website can attract the audience.

Qin cause said vertical sites are from the investment opportunities in the transformation of domestic demand to promote economic growth China, city in the process of leading the consumer market is expanding rapidly; but at the same time facing single rely on brand advertising as the main source of profit business model challenges.

, therefore, looking for blue ocean in the Red Sea, the need to cover the whole industry chain and the transformation of traditional industries, e-commerce, will be the future direction of new growth."

vertical website into the 3 era

from the mid 90s of last century, China’s vertical website has gone through more than 10 years of history. Qin believes that the content and form of the product from the site, it can be divided into three times >

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