A5 (www.admin5.com) station network July 8th news yesterday, micro-blog released a micro business strategy in Beijing, announced a joint Ali, such as micro sell partners to focus on third party as the representative, to build interest oriented mobile social electricity supplier system.

micro-blog CEO Wang Gaofei said that social applications will become an important mobile era traffic entrance, while the traditional electricity supplier platform will still be the ruler of the era of mobile electricity supplier. Micro-blog since its inception in the field of electricity providers to do two and a half action. The first is to accept Ali investment, the formation of strategic cooperation with Taobao, the half is in cooperation with Alipay launched micro-blog to pay second times, is today the launch of micro-blog windows products.

It is reported that in the

, micro-blog micro-blog windows products officially launched after the release of the interface will add goods entrance at micro-blog, micro-blog released by micro-blog Master can directly publish their recommended products, and add the recommended reason, stock and commodity links and other information, the user can in micro-blog or the collection of goods into the shopping cart, also can through the middle page buy without the need to jump to other applications. It is understood that the current commodity links must come from Tmall, Taobao and other key partners to sell third parties.

according to reports, there are about 20000000 major areas Master micro-blog at present, 1 million enterprises micro-blog account and 16 million active B2C official website account, and has established a relationship with the fans with interest as the link chain. It is worth mentioning that, if the commodity is recommended for other businesses to provide the Master according to the prior and merchants agreed to get into, but not involved in the transaction process, the user after the purchase of goods logistics, customer service etc. by businesses responsible.

"derivative" and "micro", behind one word, the general manager of micro-blog business platform and Cheng Yu believes that the two very different is that the derivative is taken by the layers of distribution pattern, harm the interests of buyers to sellers, consumption of industry credibility. While micro-blog’s micro electricity supplier is to rely on the credit system, based on a weak relationship, the user interest oriented way to do electricity supplier.

to enter the micro electricity supplier, micro-blog is positioning itself to focus on connecting goods and consumers. For example, micro-blog do not closed loop, micro electricity supplier’s final transaction, cash flow, logistics, after-sales and other cooperation platform to complete. It seems that micro-blog’s electricity supplier model is more like micro-blog take the platform, people play a catalyst to accelerate the business and the user to play a chemical reaction.

analysts pointed out that the development of mobile social electricity supplier will enter standardization, platform, micro-blog launched with the recommendation of micro business strategy as the core, not only form a clear segmentation and other platforms, but also conducive to the establishment of "advertising +" business ecosystem, accelerate the commercialization.

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