in the recruitment network under the impact of media recruitment may soon disappear from sight. But online recruitment is facing a new crisis.

as to the quick recruitment fortune 51job, is currently the last home of a more well-known media retained recruitment business enterprise, but the media recruitment seriously. Yesterday, according to the qianchengwuyou insider told the "First Financial Daily" said the media recruitment business in the company’s revenue in the proportion has dropped to about 10%, while the online recruitment has become the main business of the company, the proportion of revenues accounted for more than 80%.


qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin online recruitment in the face but just unfolding, the impact of social network recruitment. Changes in the recruitment channel followed the trend of the internet.

Internet industry experts Yu Ming told reporters that due to the rise of the Internet, media influence gradually weakened, and the precision of the recruitment channels trend is more and more obvious, the sea gradually evolved into a network of recruitment, eventually evolved into the social circle, recruitment, recruitment of the rise of social network station is a good example of this point.

2011 three quarter results, qianchengwuyou three quarter total revenue reached 340 million yuan, an increase of 26.4%, the online recruitment services revenues grew 49%, reaching 212 million 700 thousand yuan.

iResearch data also shows that the three traditional recruitment sites occupy more than 70% of the online recruitment market. However, the data do not cover up the bright meets the traditional online recruitment industry crisis, investors, social network recruitment has grown, is affecting the traditional online recruitment prospects.

public information, in the domestic recruitment website in the big three, only to maintain profitable job. Zhaopin and are long-term at a loss. And, nearly three years of capital market to the traditional online recruitment industry response, the online recruitment industry has been difficult to find a VC figure.

The number of

recruitment site coverage is declining trend. According to iResearch consulting statistics, in 2010, in addition to the Spring Festival in March there has been a larger ring growth, the growth of other months of the chain are very small, there are 7 months of growth was negative.

Internet research scholar Wang Qisheng believes that high advertising costs are flawed in the traditional online recruitment recruitment website, with the homogenization of serious, single profit model, not only plagued major online recruitment site responsible person also scared investors.

, on the other hand, is the capital of social networking recruitment spring. The United States LinkedIn and Chinese successfully listed last year more than social networking sites, access to venture capital, led to a new wave of social network recruitment wave; Internet applications, micro-blog and other emerging quiz website, is also being integrated into the social network recruitment, but also bring a new growth engine for the social network recruitment.

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