yesterday’s news that Tencent Inc has been low-key acquisition of Gaopeng double spell domain name, price 980 thousand yuan, to prepare for the Groupon in china. Larry Gaopeng is Groupon ", American giant Groupon to enter the market China group purchase and Tencent cooperation has been falling dust. Before printing pass group purchase website will be launched in the near future and determine the independent Groupon enabled similar domain name, while is more in line with the majority of users access Chinese habits and domain name terminal strategy. Now, Groupon and Tencent in China cooperation project group purchase will be named as "friends" have been identified, and will enable spelling domain name


today, micro-blog broke the page has been exposed, "Gao Peng net or will be officially launched next week. I then access the domain name, found to have access to high page. From the screenshot of the page can be seen at present only in receiving the invited guest mailbox. The screenshot shows: "you have successfully subscribed electronic newspaper. We will be friends next week in China officially launched. The first discount group purchase online, we will inform you in the first time. After that you will receive the best daily deals that include the best deals in your city! "

users reflect Gaopeng page is not yet perfect, how many have copied the Groupons suspects, Chinese does not meet the user’s habits. I do not understand why the Tencent will not yet be perfect page exposure. And presumably, Gaopeng web pages will be further improved, officially launched in front to give users a good experience. There are rumors before the Groupon China District executives, or related to recruitment and confusion, the United States before the group purchase website Groupon, in the American football occupation League finals broadcast with the American "Spring Festival Gala" said, cut off by a Tibet poor not sarcastic advertising also caused Chinese users dissatisfaction. To cast a shadow on the Groupon into China before, whether Groupon can spark Gaopeng is full, and the Tencent rub, remains to be seen. (Yang Yang)

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