navigation: first venture is the key to change direction, set the direction; the use of the Internet to find people, the business is concerned, the exit is also successful, entrepreneurs must have passion.

1, why China has the largest Internet market?

first, we have the largest market;

second, active operating environment;

third, the most hard, most capable entrepreneurs.

2, the Internet venture in the three stages:

The first phase of

, the returnees entrepreneurial stage;

second stage, combined with local Chinese style innovation;

third phase, was copied abroad.

3, entrepreneurs how to get investment?

first, direction and trend in the future is not developed?

second, ability and resources to match?

third, do you have some good entrepreneurial qualities?

4, entrepreneurs should have what are the qualities of the?

the first quality, have the ability to learn;

second qualities, to have passion, think you have to do;

third quality, organization ability.

The characteristics of

5, the Internet is the three important points: classification, Crowdsourcing, share.

6, the future direction of Entrepreneurship:

first, it is possible to optimize the allocation of idle resources;

second, can simplify complex products;

third, able to transform the traditional process, subvert the original model.

• entrepreneurship is the key to the direction of

entrepreneurship is the most critical direction, you have to find a direction. Entrepreneurial orientation will change, but at first you have to identify a.

when Robin Li back to China to do Baidu, in fact, is a search engine provider. From VC took the second round of financing, VC let him do is IDC. At that time, Baidu is the strongest IDC business, but Robin Li insisted on self, he believes that there is no way out of IDC, we must do search engines.

from my own, Mito is beginning to make a fool of P mapping software, a fool Photoshop, behind we found many girls used to repair her face, so we went to the direction of change, including changes from Meitu Xiu Xiu, beauty camera. Therefore, after the beginning of the direction must be constantly adjusted to confirm. Importantly, no matter how you adjust, you must be the first in the industry, you have value, especially in the Internet industry.

in the tourism industry, there have been Ctrip, where to go, and then become the first possible?

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